Zion Children's Orphanage

Bukoyo, Uganda

In affiliation with Believers' World Church

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In the context of, and with support from our congregations, we sustain the orphans and vulnerable children we care for. The congregation and orphanage is also a safe haven within the region and protects women, children and Christian patrons from frequent attacks from their Muslim "neighbors".

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Services we provide


We provide a safe place for a wide variety of children, not even all of whom are orphans, though each and every one has many challenges we assist them in establishing a safe place from which they can begin to build a healthy and whole life once again. We currently have boys and girls from one day old to 17 years of age, and some are children of families which are unable to sustain them. We assist all who are in need as we are able.

Love and Support

We provide relationship and consistency which is often so lacking in the lives of children in these situations. To have a sure source of daily provisions, accommodations, health supplies, as well as an array of people with whom they can establish lasting bonds of trust and reliance, can allow these children to begin to be children, and remove, if even for a moment, the constant fear and concern they normally face.


To the best of our ability we attempt to recruit our children into schools so that they may receive the best education they can, and on acceptance we also provide them with all the scholastic needs they will have in receiving their formal education. The children are also instructed in health related issues such as HIV and other disease awareness campaigns which are critical components in improving our societies. We also provide leadership and training in spiritual pursuits such as Torah Study and self-improvement.

Self Sufficiency

We endeavor to provide each of the children in our care with the skills necessary to one day support themselves. We do this through training in various skills, trades, and crafts, as we are able so that they will one day be able to not only support themselves, but hopefully, be able to assist others as they themselves have received assistance.

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