Shiloh Children's Care

Jinja, Uganda

In affiliation with Evangel Church World Vision

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It has been the heart of feelings and the vision of Shiloh Children`s Care to stand and fulfill our mission and objectives under a clear vision of empowering the world of vulnerable through inspirational care and love to bring forth restoration and transformation to this generation which has been characterized by struggling, civil wars, ignorance, poverty, and inability amongst these communities. Realizing the need that a holistic, and integrated approach together with counseling is the major answer to the disadvantaged children, and country development, the experience of HIV/AIDS, poverty, and natural disasters in our communities for the last three decades. Our goal is to heighten consciousness, to preach the gospel, empower, protect, and save the lives of those left destitute, exploited and facing a high level and rising rates of morbidity and mortality.

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Services we provide

Vision and Mission

“Giving Love and Care to the vulnerable people through holistic support”
To ensure that the exploited communities regain Godly love and care as shown by our Lord Jesus Christ through better moral sensitivity and support to condense ignorance, illiteracy, and poverty among the people in the community.

Love and Support

Over the past years since the plan of this vision came real, the organization has had a progressive development and achievements which are clear and seen testimonies on the ground. Since the slogan of the organization stands clear as ‘we render care full love and hope to the hurting world yea this is the work we provide and render to the societies; and we have been able to achieve success.


To empower youths, women especially widows, single mothers and those that are domestically challenged and tortured by their husbands through organizing workshops that can educate them about their rights; starting and training them in small scale and income generating activities such as tailoring, poultry, arts and crafts etc. To promote social welfare through providing social services such as community training, counseling and guidance in order to uphold the spiritual growth and moral uprightness of the community.

Basic Needs

The organization was also enabled to get a washing machine to lessen of the tasks of hand washing. We received a fridge which now helps a lot to keep fruits, and meat for several days and well as keeping medicine for the children.

Our Children

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We have many plans for growth of our program and improvement of our benefits given to us by the almighty God, but we need your help too. Shiloh Children`s Care has managed to establish a poultry project with 160 egg laying birds for organization sustainability. We expect to rear more birds as possible when God provides. So with a purpose of having all our mission & objectives implemented we have not only embarked on the poultry alone, but also other projects like cattle keeping among others when God provides.

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