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Beit Tikkun

Beit Tikkun House of Healing and Repair is a Messianic, Torah observant congregation located in the St. Louis, MO area. Under the leadership of Nassi Julian Jackson, our mission is to educate people on the Hebraic roots of the Bible.

Yeshua Messianic Congregations Uganda

We are Messianic believers in Yeshua. We came to faith in Yeshua in 2000 through Rabbi David Finkelsten of Am Yeshua Messianic congregation (Maryland USA) and when he expounded more on the prophesies fulfilled by Yeshua, we realized that really Yeshua is the Mashiach of Israel. We then formed a group of believers in Yeshua but following the Jewish roots just as the first century apostles did. So currently we have 36 messianic congregations across the country with each having between 10-60 members.

We are fully registered by the government of Uganda hence we have the work permit to fellowship and do evangelism in any part of the country. We organize conferences for messianic youth, pastors and women at various times of the year, and the different categories from all our 36 congregations meet in such conferences to streamline teachings, share testimonies, equip believers with more lessons, interact and encourage each other in this walk.

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Beit Tikkun
Nasi Julian Jackson
Florissant, MO
Yeshua Messianic Congregations
Br John Swaga
Iganga Town, Uganda

Beit Tikkun

Our goal is to educate three people groups on the Hebraic Roots of the bible. These groups are the unsaved and those in other belief systems, Christians/Returning Israelites and Jews from the house of Judah whether secular or religious. Per Hosea 4:6 Yahweh says his people perish for lack of knowledge. Because they have rejected knowledge he also rejects them as priests and because they have forsaken his Torah he will also forsake their children. Our focus is to provide sound teachings that will bring his people to the knowledge and understanding of his word that his people will love him and keep his commandments.

Zion Children's Orphanage

We provide a safe place for a wide variety of children, not even all of whom are orphans, though each and every one has many challenges we assist them in establishing a safe place from which they can begin to build a healthy and whole life once again. We currently have boys and girls from 6-17 years of age, and some are children of families which are unable to sustain them. We assist all who are in need as we are able.

Shiloh Children's Care

Shiloh Children`s Care is a charitable organization that was established in 2009 by Joshua Sserwadda with the aim of restoring and transforming the lives of the most vulnerable children of God. Joshua, who grew up in an environment with a lot of most vulnerable people without access to basic needs such as Shelter, Education, Medical Care, was inspired by the environment these children were living in and the overwhelming number of such children and limited access to such basic needs.